For a long time I’ve been both reading and seeing great reviews of products from Lush always thinking “I’ll have to buy some next time I visit the UK” (or even Stockholm or Gothenburg). Since I don’t visit the UK every month, not even every year, I still haven’t tried any product from Lush. I didn’t want to order online, I want to sniff and try before I buy.

Then yesterday when I was out for a walk in my city I found out that they are opening a store here “as soon as possible”! With walking distance from my house. That sure was a really good walk, haha. Their Facebook page gave me the date, 14th Nov – just in time for Christmas! 🙂

What are your favourite Lush products?


First day of autumn

So, I know I haven’t been very active with my blog posts and I’m not going to give you lame excuses about how life got in the way, hah. Anyhow, today is the first day of autumn 2013 according to the rainy weather outside. I kinda like it. It makes it OK to light some lovely candles (WoodWick!) and get cosy under a blanket and watch a good film. And furthermore, I LOVE autumn colours.

One of my friends got herself a new DSLR camera (a super duper expensive one) so autumn will be fantastic on the photographic front 🙂

I know you’re probably here to see some make-up swatches, and swatches you shall get.. I’ve got a NYX swatches post in the making!


Hi! I’m 25 and a regular girl (ehm, woman, but that sounds so old..) from Sweden with no education in cosmetics what-so-ever. I have very fair and somewhat sensitive skin. This blog is going to give you guys reviews and swatches with my honest opinions about cosmetics I’m trying out.

By the way, bear in mind that most of the cosmetics are like 50 – 150 % more expensive here in Sweden than in the US. Insane, I know. Hauls won’t be MEGA hauls (because that would totally kill my finances).

And finally, English is not my native language so be gentle with me. I hope I do better than Google Translate 😉

Cheers! /Louise