Swatches: NYX Eyeshadow Trios

The rainy autumn weather suddenly turned into last day of summer weather (sun, sun, sun!). Luckily enough I already swatched my NYX Eyeshadow Trios 🙂

NYX Eyeshadow Trio
Triple Shadows for Sexy Babe’s Eyes Only!
Cruelty free/Hypoallergenic. NET WT. 0.162 OZ (4.6 g).

Ingredients: Mica, Talc, Zinc Stearate, Mineral Oil, 2-Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Tridecyl Trimellitate, BHT, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Pigment.

nyx eyeshadow trio - ts08 - 01nyx eyeshadow trio - ts08 - 02

My thoughts: All three are super creamy with amazing colour payoff! I would definitely recommend this trio if you’re into greens.

nyx eyeshadow trio - ts07 - 01nyx eyeshadow trio - ts07 - 02

My thoughts: These are also very creamy. Baby Blue and Pacific have better colour payoff than Navy. Navy is matte and the other two are more shimmery.

And swatched on my arm with one(!) finger stroke they look like this:nyx eyeshadow trios - 02
From left to right: TS08 (spring leaf, lime green, green tea), TS07 (baby blue, pacific, navy)

>> Coming up next: NYX Single Eyeshadow and NYX Nude Matte Shadow


First day of autumn

So, I know I haven’t been very active with my blog posts and I’m not going to give you lame excuses about how life got in the way, hah. Anyhow, today is the first day of autumn 2013 according to the rainy weather outside. I kinda like it. It makes it OK to light some lovely candles (WoodWick!) and get cosy under a blanket and watch a good film. And furthermore, I LOVE autumn colours.

One of my friends got herself a new DSLR camera (a super duper expensive one) so autumn will be fantastic on the photographic front 🙂

I know you’re probably here to see some make-up swatches, and swatches you shall get.. I’ve got a NYX swatches post in the making!